Competency-Based Training

What is Competency-Based Training (CBT)? It is a system in which learners are evaluated on their demonstration of knowledge, skills and attitudes in an occupational area. This is different to traditional education which relies on acquiring content-based knowledge(test taking) alone.

Competency-Based Training benefits employers and other stakeholders by:

  • delivering Technical and Vocational Education and Training to a range of job roles beyond those traditionally associated with TVET training
  • functioning as a continuing education vehicle to improve performance through the demonstration of competency in the workplace
  • promoting the adoption of “soft skills” to complement technical skills needed to carry out job functions
  • implementing the use of world class occupational standards and certification to help create a globally competitive workforce
  • fostering mutually beneficial relationships between the private sector and training institutions
  • equipping workers (including the displaced, retrenched and unemployed) with skills which they can use both locally and abroad