Operational Description

The following will be considered in determining whether the proposal includes an adequate operational description for each relevant activity to be financed by the CBTF which includes:  

  1. What the activity is going to do;
  2. Who is going to do it and who will benefit from it;
  3. Where is it going to be done;
  4. When is it going to be done;
  5. How it connects to the objectives and targets to be achieved by the proposal; and
  6. In what sequential order of precedence is the implementation going to proceed and how it relates to other key activities

Additionally, key implementation components should be provided including:

  1. Competency-based standards and/or curriculum packages; 
  2. Training course outline(s) (including proposed training hours and training delivery method) and method of assessment; and
  3. Arrangements for training equipment is to be acquired under the CBTF