Selection Committee

An appointed Technical Review and Selection Committee (TRSC) will review all eligible proposals received by the CBTF Management Unit (CMU). The TRSC will be responsible for assessing and ranking proposals under the direct instructions of the CMU Manager, the Chair of the TRSC, at a specified time following the proposal submission deadline. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will provide training for members of the TRSC specifically for the purpose of conducting this review.

For Cycle III the TRSC membership will comprise a maximum of six (6) members as follows:

  1. Mr. K. Anderson Lowe, The CMU Manager, who will Chair the TRSC;
  2. Mr. Henderson Eastmond, The Executive Director, TVET Council;
  3. Employer representative;
  4. Training provider representative;
  5. Workers' Union representative;
  6. Mr. Junior Burgess, Programme Director (Ag.) of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation’s Programme Coordinating Unit.

A quorum will comprise a minimum of four (4) TRSC members, who will each individually review the proposal submissions. The independent scores will then be tallied, averaged and used to rank each eligible proposal.