Technical Consultants

CBTF-contracted Technical Consultants are available on request to assist partnerships during proposal preparation and project implementation. The Consultants specialise in the areas of (i) proposal writing (ii) curricula/ standards development and (iii) procurement. 

The consultants are not responsible for writing proposals on behalf of partnerships and their assistance with proposals does not guarantee funding, as the selection process is a competitive one. The Technical Consultants are tasked with:

Proposal Preparation

  • Conducting a 2-hour consultation prior to proposal preparation.
  • Reviewing draft proposals prepared by the partnerships to ensure that each section complies with the IDB’s requirements.
  • Making recommendations to enhance the quality of the submissions, paying specific attention to the budget, cost/ trainee and implementation schedule.

Project Implementation

  • Preparing tender procurement documents for the acquisition of goods/ services required during project implementation in accordance with IDB guidelines.
  • Working closely with the partnership and TVET Council to (i) develop new standards (where appropriate) in accordance with the training needs of the partnership (ii) and/ or develop and validate competency-based curricular training packages for the occupations to be trained.

CBTF will cover the consulting fees during the proposal preparation phase and will assign Consultants to prospective applicants based on their specific needs. See our Technical Consultant profiles. Or request a Technical Consultant.