Training Issue Description

The following will be considered in determining whether the need/diagnosis has properly identified: 

  1. The important short and medium term occupational skill gaps or issues for the participating sector which the training will address; 
  2. The estimated universe of workers within the participating firm and outside the firm that could benefit from the occupational competency-based training and certification including part-time workers, students, retrenched or unemployed people interested in being certified in the particular occupation(s) including the levels to be trained e.g. entry level, skilled worker, supervisor;
  3. If it is a single employer participating in the partnership, or a merging of firms or a sector association; and the strengths both the employer(s) and the training institution will bring to delivering the proposed training; and
  4. The institutional capacity gaps of the training provider(s) included in the participating partnership competing for CBTF funds to deliver the corresponding competency-based training for all the occupations included in the proposal.