CBTF Helping to Transform Industries in Barbados

Barbados is set to experience critical transformation in five new industries with the help of the Competency Based Training Fund (CBTF). The CBTF will be funding training in five (5) new and exciting occupational areas that will result in the certifying of 175 Barbadians in Autotronics & Motor Vehicle Chassis and Engine Systems; Fibre Installation; Live Sound Engineering; Industrial Mechatronics; and Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering.

The fourth competitive cycle was launched on June 15, 2016 to solicit greater participation of the public TVET training institutions who were the primary intended beneficiaries of the Fund. Thirty two (32) proposals were received for funding with over 50% of the proposals received by the public TVET training institutions, namely the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic (SJPP), the Barbados Community College (BCC), and the Barbados Vocational Training Board (BVTB).The following five employer/training institution partnerships were selected for funding under the fourth competitive cycle of the CBTF:

Digicel Barbados Limited & Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic

Through this partnership 30 technicians will be trained and certified as Fibre Installers NVQ Level 2, while 6 staff members of the SJPP will also be professionally developed to deliver the competency based training. This training programme will be the first fibre optic technology training programme to be offered by a training institution in Barbados. As part of the partnership a new state-of-the art Fibre Installers Training Lab will be developed at the SJPP which will ensure continuous training and certification in Fibre Installation.

A & B Music Supplies & Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic

The lack of skilled and qualified Sound Engineers continues to be a challenge to the provision of quality sound at national events in Barbados. Through this partnership, 30 Barbadians will receive training and certification in Live Sound Engineering Level 3 CVQ. This course will provide students with a range of hands-on skills, to operate, manage and deliver a professional live music event.

Roberts Manufacturing Company Ltd. & the Barbados Community College

There is currently a shortage of manufacturing skills across the various manufacturing industries in Barbados. Consequently, this partnership will endeavour to provide training and certification to 30 employees in Industrial Mechatronics Level 3 NVQ (technology combining electronics and mechanical engineering). By the end of the training programme, candidates are expected to be competent in specific areas relevant to the manufacturing industry. In addition, a Mechatronics Training and Assessment Facility will be constructed to provide competency based training and assessment in Industrial Process Control, Industrial Electrics and Industrial Mechanics.

McEnearney Quality Inc. & the Barbados Vocational Training Board

The automotive industry in Barbados requires skilled persons who can competently perform diagnostics for vehicular repairs and who can perform auto-electrical diagnosis. This level of analytics needed has resulted in a great demand for persons to be trained not only in Auto Mechanics but also in Autotronics (Automotive Electronics), thereby providing them with a foundation in electronics and electrical wiring. McEnearney Quality Inc. and the Barbados Vocational Training Board have therefore partnered to train and certify 40 Barbadians in Autotronics and Motor Vehicle Chassis Systems, thereby contributing to the development of the automotive industry in Barbados.

Ullyett’s Machine Shop & Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic

The manufacturing industry has become increasingly dependent on technology to improve precision and consistency of machined products enabling faster and more cost effective production. This partnership will train 45 Barbadians in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining Level 3. The development of this occupational standard will be applied to Machinist, Graphic Artist, Machine Operators and Technicians, including Wood and Window Manufacturers. This training programme will significantly benefit Barbados by addressing many of the deficiencies in the manufacturing sector by positioning the sector to compete with imported goods.

The CBTF congratulates the private sector and both the public and private training institutions for their support of this training initiative and pledges to continue working together, over the next two years, to improve the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies of the Barbadian workforce.

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