Competency Based Training Fund Featured as "Bright Spot"

The Caribbean Leadership Programme (CLP) is a seven-year programme designed to support the leadership and economic development training needs of regional and national public sectors in twelve (12) CARICOM countries.  The Project also targets key regional institutions which play a pivotal role in advancing regional integration and economic development.

One of the main purposes of the CLP is to strengthen the capacity of future leaders in the Caribbean and is composed of the following six components:

1) Leadership Development Program (LDP)

2) Enabling Environment

3) Research

4) Continuous Learning and Development Network

5) Communities of Practice

6) Caribbean Centre for Leadership Excellence

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) focuses on learning mechanisms called "Bright Spots" which are effective examples of adaptive leadership in a complex, multi-stakeholder environment.

The Competency Based Training Fund (CBTF) was highlighted as a "Bright Spot" under the theme "Confident and Courageous Leadership for Implementation and Innovation". This workshop took place in Barbados on March 15, 2017. The Manager of the CMU was invited to share his approaches to innovation and his leadership journey.