Competency Based Training Fund Exceeding Expectations

SOME 2 000 persons have already signed up for and received training to upgrade their skills and to be assessed and certified as competent in their occupational areas, within the 25 partnerships now participating within the Competency Based Training Fund.

Consultancy Manager with the Competency Based Training Fund (CBTF), K. Anderson Lowe, revealed the above yesterday. He also noted that the CBTF has received over 100 applications in its three funding cycles announced so far and the Fund has also committed some Bds$14 million to train some 4000 persons.

In association with the TVET Council, the CBTF has also developed and/or validated upwards of 20 occupational standards and their associated curricula and also trained a number of trainers, assessors, and internal and external verifiers to facilitate the assessment and certification processes.

Lowe’s comments came as he spoke during a field visit at Nature Care in Christ Church, which formed part of the Administrative Mission of IDB officials assessing progress made with the Skills For the Future Programme.

Lowe explained that the CBTF is a pilot project funded by the IDB, with the aim of providing competency-based technical and vocational education and training to the Barbadian workforce and it is one of the components of the Skills For The Future Programme.

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